ACCESS CONSULTING – Our team consisting of architects, landscape architects and qualified access consultants bring our design and construction experience to offer advice on accessibility of buildings and urban landscapes.  We are insightful and precise in our approach to collaborating with designers, architects, developers and building managers. 

GGI Access Consulting provides the following services:

  • Access audits and access appraisals of existing buildings in line with intent of the Disability Discrimination Act;
  • Review of new and refurbished building plans and surrounding environments for compliance with disability access regulations;
  • Access Reports to accompany Development Consents and Building Approvals applications;
  • Performance Solution Reports addressing BCA on the basis of Performance Requirements;
  • Liveable Housing Assessments;
  • Adaptable Housing Assessments;
  • Peer review of performance based assessments and audits;
  • Preparation of Disability Action Plans (DAPs);
  • Advice and assistance throughout the construction process to ensure ongoing compliance with the Building Codes Australia/ Premises Standards and Australian Standards;
  • Issue Statements of Compliance for submission with building approval and final occupancy certificate applications;
  • Design development and design advice to assist with modifications to existing buildings and outdoor spaces linked to existing buildings.

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